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Güvenin Magazine

Since December 2019, the healthy life journal "GÜVENin" has been publishing letters and interviews with physicians and healthcare professionals in the field of healthcare. Our journal is published quarterly in both print and digital formats. Private couriers deliver our printed journals to the Turkish Grand National Assembly, State Council, Court of Accounts, Supreme Court, Ministries and public bodies, and many public sector firms. Our online journal is available at guvenin.com.tr or through the Turkcell Dergilik application.

Rasim Küçükel
Uzun İnce Bir Yolda

“On a Long, Thin Road” is the story of a successful politician who has attained the grace to realize the 85th anniversary of his life, and who has devoted more than sixty years of his life to serving his country and nation; a family member; A concise LIFE STORY of Mr. Rasim Küçükel.

Güven Hospital

One of the most important organizations in the field of health careGüven Hastanesi hakkında bilgi almak için tıklayın.


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