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Güven Education and Health Foundation is the legacy of a journey that began with a small hospital in 1975 and culminated in Güven Health Group becoming Turkey's most valuable healthcare brand.

Contributing to society has always been a priority for the founders of Güven Hospital, who dreamed of and accomplished this journey. To that end, Güven Hospital and its founders engaged in a variety of activities in the fields of health, education, and culture. Güven Education and Health Foundation was established in 2006 to channel these efforts in a more effective and organized manner, as well as to ensure their long-term viability. The Foundation has implemented programs to benefit all social sectors, particularly education. These programs include, but are not limited to, student scholarships, projects for people with disabilities, and financial assistance to institutions for athletic/cultural/scientific studies. Furthermore, our foundation is a member of the Turkish Third Sector Foundation.

After our founders, Dr. Aysun KÜÇÜKEL and Dr. Ahmet KÜÇÜKEL, passed away, Güven Education and Health Foundation, as well as Güven Hospital, was adopted as a responsibility and duty of top priority that should be sustained in the future, and all relevant efforts were made without interruption. The year 2019 marks a watershed moment for the foundation. Based on global changes, the foundation evolved from a charitable axis to an effective non-governmental organization that seeks to solve social problems while adhering strictly to the goal of social benefit. Following this point, activities centered on drawing attention to elderly population problems, influencing decision-makers regarding elderly care, and developing social responsibility projects for children with cancer and disabilities - a major social issue. Güven Education and Health Foundation now conducts scientific research on these issues through local and international collaborations, as well as projects aided by such collaborations. Furthermore, efforts are being made to contribute to democratic processes at both the public and local levels of government. As of 2021, our foundation has formally applied to become a public benefit (non-profit) foundation.

Our vision

To become a leading organization in terms of developing solutions for social problems, particularly in the fields of educational, health, cultural, and economic development, and to take the lead in studies conducted on these fields, as well as to conduct pioneering studies to implement the most advanced, appropriate, and beneficial solutions for Turkey by focusing on global advancements.

Our mission

We strive to provide each person in Turkey with living standards that are equal to or comparable to those found in developed societies.

In social benefit-oriented projects, we collaborate with the public and private sectors, non-governmental organizations, and academic institutions.

We, as an effective non-governmental organization, prioritize continuous research and contribute to legal processes and scientific studies in order to deal with social issues in the most efficient manner possible.

We conduct awareness campaigns, hold scientific meetings, and organize cultural events to ensure that our efforts for a socially beneficial Turkey are long-lasting.

Güven Hospital

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