“Dr. Aysun-Ahmet Küçükel Tıp Ödülleri”ne Başvuru Başladı!

“Dr Aysun-Ahmet Küçükel Medicine Awards” which has been organized every year by Güven Education and Health Foundation to encourage Turkish physicians conduct high quality scientific research and to support their studies since 2008 will be given.

The ceremony will be held for the fourteenth time; during the ceremony, “Honor Award “ will be given for the first time as well as “The Best Scientific Research Award”, “Young Researcher Project Support Award” and “Digital Transformation and Innovative Perspective in Health Award”

To get information and apply to the award ceremony which encourages many young researchers to engage in new studies in the field of medicine, you can visit https://www.guvenvakfi.org/tr/tip-odulleri .

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