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With each passing year, I am drawn more deeply into the concept of “time.” I find the ability of alchemy fascinating; power to change, transform and reverse.

I am surprised to see not only the meanings of truth, beauty, good and acceptance; but also the feelings, people, events that take place in our expressions as impossible and unforgettable, dissolve “in the sands of time”, disappear in pace of life and I stand in awe of it along with a bit of fear.

It might seem interesting, but I cannot think of death outside the concept of “time”. Death and “time” bear end of all existence, the perishment and sentences starting with ‘once upon a time'.

Humans adopted tens of methods to preserve themselves from the efforts of those two truths of derogation; the Foundation has become one of them... To be remembered, to keep own soul, personality and identity alive, though not the body.

In its essence, history of Güven Education and Health Foundation is not different. Despite the fact that outcome of legal necessity for foundation of Güven University actualized in 2006, after unexpected demise of founders -Dr Aysun and Dr Ahmet Küçükel- one two years after the other, it has become our, the children of them, unconscious efforts to keep the Foundation, longing for our mother and father and their presence alive within the children, elderly people and students, whose lives we touch.

As I said, “time”. Within years, we saw that this struggle for “making permanent” which can also be construed as charity has changed dimension, individual efforts against the overwhelming reality of death are not enough anymore and remains incompetent to embank the physical bodies’ being forgotten.

Hoping that the synergy created by high valued social favour becomes a durable shield against perishment, we strived to bind up the wounds caused by death and time that join their forces, with the weapons of institutionalism, nationalization, comprehensiveness and even internationalization.

We shape our projects by focusing on “aging population and social problems that it leads to”, which we seem as the biggest problem of 21 st century. We pursue dignified and quality agedness and track the facilitation of technology.

As you see;

We are in the process of making peace with “time”.

We strive for healthy “time”.

We try to break the ice between elderliness and “time”.

I don’t know about death, but as Garcia once said we give “time” to “time”.

Best regards,

Nüket Küçükel Ezberci

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